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Are you tired of being tied to your bifocals or reading glasses?  Do you find that your arms just are not long enough for you to read the newspaper clearly?  Are you finding yourself, generally, more dependent on your glasses than ever before? Near Vision Conductive Keratoplasty (CK) may be the answer for you.

Dr. Jacqueline Griffiths is one of the few specialists in the entire United States with the training to perform the CK procedure.  CK does not require a laser or the making of a corneal flap so it is a different technology and process then LASIK.  Instead, it uses pinpoint accurate RF (radio frequency) to correct the types of prescriptions that make us more dependent upon reading glasses, thereby allowing us to regain the vision of years gone by.  This procedure takes only minutes and is done using only eye drops for anesthesia.

We offer a complimentary screening for the patients to see if they are appropriate candidates for CK.

Are you someone who:

  • Began wearing reading glasses after age 40
  • Currently wears bifocals or reading glasses
  • Has trouble changing focus from distance to near?

The Procedure

Diagram of the steps of LASIK
  1. NearVision CK, which takes less than three minutes, is done in-office. Topical or “eye drop” anesthesia is applied to numb the eye and ensure a painless procedure
  2. A circular treatment pattern is imprinted on the cornea using rinse-away ink to guide the doctor’s treatment
  3. Using a probe thinner than a strand of human hair, radio waves are applied in a circular pattern to shrink small areas of collagen in the cornea.
  4. The circular treatment pattern acts like a belt tightening around the cornea, increasing its overall curvature to improve near vision

Near Vision CK Results

  • 98% of CK patients could see J5 (magazine and newspaper size print) in the eye that was treated at the 12 month visit
  • 87% of CK patients could see 20/20 and read J3 or phonebook size print (significantly smaller than news print) 12 months after having NearVision CK
  • There were NO reported serious, sight-threatening or unanticipated safety events

Make today the day you decide to do something great for your vision – and your life. Schedule your free Vision Correction Consultation today.

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