Kybella-Treatment-Reston-VAIf you have excessive submental fat (otherwise known as a “double chin”), then you might be interested in Kybella treatments at NewView Eye Center!

Kybella is an injectable that was approved by the FDA in 2015 for the treatment of submental fat. Kybella works by injecting deoxycholic acid into the treatment area. Once this acid solution is introduced, it begins eating away at stubborn fat cells. Eventually, these cells are completely destroyed and naturally eliminated by the body.

Results from Kybella injections are permanent; however, clients will need to commit to a healthy lifestyle to maintain these results, as Kybella does not prevent the development of new fat cells.

Kybella injections are relatively painless; however, Dr. Griffiths may choose to numb the treatment area with a cream or ice pack. Typical side effects – including mild irritation, redness, and burning – last for a couple of days.


Clients can expect to see results almost immediately, with permanent results achieved after three months. Although most clients only need one injection, Dr. Griffiths may recommend clients with excessive submental fat undergoing another treatment at the three-month mark.

To learn more about Kybella treatments, schedule a consultation with Dr. Griffiths by calling 703-834-9777.