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The Top 10 Ways to Save Your Vision

Want to keep your eyes healthy and happy for years to come? Check out our top 10 ways to save your vision!

10 Ways to Protect Your Vision

1. Quit smoking.

Smoking is awful for your vision, full stop. From increased risks of glaucoma and cataracts to diabetic retinopathy, smoking can rob you of your vision.

2. Wear sunglasses.

Make sure your sunglasses say that they offer 100% UVA/UVB protection.

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3. Wear protective eyewear.

Summer is the time for sports. Whether you play baseball or basketball, make sure you wear protective eyewear, as some of the more frequent eye injuries come from these games.

4. Go for regular eye exams.

Most folks under 40 can schedule their eye exams for every two years; after 40, it’s recommended that you schedule an annual exam.

5. Eat healthily.

Fill up your plate with lots of delicious lean meats and veggies, as the proteins, vitamins, and minerals in these foods deliver good stuff to your eyes.

6. Pay attention to your vision.

If something doesn’t feel or seem right with your vision, don’t wait until your next annual appointment; schedule a session with your ophthalmologist right away!

7. Take care of your contacts.

Clean your contacts, and don’t wear them more often than indicated.

8. Learn your family history.

Your family history can give you a blueprint for what you need to watch out for in your own vision. Let your ophthalmologist know if you have a family history of diabetes, cataracts, glaucoma, and other health conditions.

9. Get a break from your screen.

Take regular breaks from your computer screen; 10 minutes per hour is enough time to give your eyes the rest they need.

10. Be proactive.

Your vision is one of the biggest predictors of a long and healthy life. That’s why it’s important to be proactive about your eyesight by following all of the above tips!


Take the Next Step

Want to know more great ways you can protect your vision? Schedule a consultation with ophthalmologist Dr. Jacqueline Griffiths at NewView Eye Center in Reston, VA today. Dr. Griffiths can develop a plan that helps protect your vision for years to come. 703-834-9777