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6 Tips for Keeping Eyes Safe While Playing Sports

Looking forward to playing your favorite sport this year? Did you just sign your child up for Little League for the first time?

No matter where this sports season takes you, check out these 6 tips for keeping eyes safe while playing sports.

6 Tips for Keeping Eyes Safe While Playing Sports

1. Wear eye protection.

Perhaps one of the best ways to keep your eyes safe while playing sports is to wear eye protection, especially goggles. This applies to any sport where contact can be possible, including basketball, baseball, tennis, and more. This simple step is highly effective at minimizing potential trauma to your eyes.

2. Replace older pieces of eye protection.

If you bought eye protection several years ago, it might be time to swap out your eye protection for something newer. That way, you can find something that fits better and won’t end up interfering with your eyesight.

3. Schedule regular ophthalmologist appointments.

You and your ophthalmologist should be best friends during sports seasons, as he or she can help provide essential eye protection based on the sport you or your child is playing.

4. Be vigilant about eye protection.

Don’t let your eye protection fall to the wayside, especially as the sports season continues on. Be vigilant about wearing your safety goggles, as you never know when eye trauma can happen.

5. Glasses won’t keep you safe.

If you already wear eyeglasses, don’t think that these will keep you safe. Work with your ophthalmologist to find prescription-level sports goggles that will help you see and keep your eyes protected.

6. Choose eye protection + sun protection.

In addition to finding prescription safety goggles, you may want to consider finding sports goggles that include sun protection. This is especially relevant for athletes who play outdoors, like in baseball or tennis.

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