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Common Questions About LASIK

Does LASIK hurt? 

Numbing eye drops are placed into your eyes before the procedure to block the feeling of pain. Of course, every person has their own unique threshold for discomfort, but most patients do not report that the process is painful. You will feel a sensation of pressure on the eye during the first step of the process. Medicated eye drops or over-the-counter pain medications may help soothe any discomfort you experience as your eyes heal. 

How long does LASIK take? 

The full LASIK procedure takes 10-15 minutes, from the time you enter the LASIK suite until you go into the recovery area. However, the laser treatment where we reshape your cornea takes less than 1-2 minutes! Some patients can even see more clearly immediately after the procedure. 

What are the risks of LASIK? 

Although LASIK has a less than 1% serious complication rate among experienced LASIK doctors, it is still a surgical procedure and therefore carries some element of risk. Complications of LASIK can include: 

  • Starbursts, glare or haloes in low light environments
  • Dry eyes
  • Overcorrection or undercorrection
  • Corneal flap complications
  • Infection
  • Pain
  • Blurred vision

The U.S. military has approved laser eye surgery for our troops, so this lends further credibility to the safety and effectiveness of LASIK. 

How long will I need to be off work? 

You may only need 1 or 2 days off work for LASIK in Reston, VA: one day for the procedure and one day to rest afterward (although the second day may not be necessary). People are usually amazed to learn how quick LASIK recovery is. In fact, the healing process begins immediately after surgery. Most patients can return to normal, non-strenuous activities the very next day, although there may be some vision fluctuations as your eyes continue to heal and your vision stabilizes. It is important to keep your follow-up visits so your doctor can monitor your progress. 

Will I ever need glasses after LASIK? 

While most patients can achieve 20/20 vision or better after LASIK at NewView Eye Center, it is important to realize that your vision is constantly changing. One eye condition that most people develop after age 40 is presbyopia. This is a gradual stiffening of the eye lens that makes it difficult to focus on things up close like reading material. Over-the-counter reading glasses may be necessary, even if you have had successful LASIK. There are also different surgical methods to correct presbyopia. If you are experiencing this condition and are frustrated with reading glasses, contact us to learn about your treatment options. 

What are the requirements for LASIK? 

There are several conditions that must be met to be considered for LASIK:

  • 18 years or older
  • Stable vision prescription for at least one year
  • Free of eye disease or other interfering vision conditions
  • Proper corneal thickness
  • Good overall health
  • Realistic expectations 
  • Full understanding of the potential risk

The only way to know if you meet these requirements is by having a comprehensive LASIK Consultation with us. It’s free and will let you know for sure if this is a safe option for vision correction for you.  

Will the cost of LASIK go down?

It is not likely that the cost of LASIK will go down in the future. In fact, as technology changes the costs may actually rise over time. While the price of LASIK is a definite concern for many people, you don’t want to shop for the lowest price if it means sacrificing quality. When you are researching LASIK centers, be sure to weigh the cost against:

  • The surgeon’s training, experience and results
  • The type of technology being used 
  • Whether or not the low advertised price will apply to your vision prescription
  • Additional hidden fees that will apply
  • Inclusion or exclusion of enhancement surgeries and follow-up care

You only have one set of eyes, so make sure you put your vision care into a doctor and center you trust – a center like NewView Eye Center.  

Can I have LASIK on both eyes at the same time? 

Yes. This is called a bilateral LASIK procedure. You can choose to have the surgery on both eyes or just one eye at a time. 

When can I wear makeup after LASIK? 

Patients should wait 1-2 weeks before wearing makeup. We recommend that patients purchase new eye makeup to avoid infection.

If you have more questions about LASIK, contact us to schedule a free LASIK Consultation. 

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