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6 Ways to Reduce Dry-Eye Symptoms

Dry eye isn’t just annoying – it can be downright debilitating. While most people are familiar with getting something gritty in their eyes, people who suffer from dry eyes are constantly bombarded with that feeling every day. This condition – which is officially known as ocular surface disease – can make it difficult to enjoy 100% healthy vision, as sufferers experience the following chronic symptoms:


  • Dryness
  • Redness
  • Feeling “grittiness” within the eyes
  • Eye irritation
  • Difficulty creating tears


Some studies have shown that folks who live in high-altitude areas or smoggy cities are at the greatest risk of developing chronic dry eye. But whether you live in a major metropolitan area or developed dry eye for other reasons, here are 6 ways you can reduce dry-eye symptoms:

  1. Put a humidifier in your home, particularly in your bedroom. Keeping your air moisturized can help keep your eyes feeling healthy and moist.

2. Avoid any kind of smoke, with a particular emphasis on cigarettes. Cigarette smoke contains hundreds of harmful chemicals, all of which can exacerbate or even cause dry eye symptoms.

3. Give your eyes a break. We spend our entire days staring at a computer or phone screen – and all that time spent not blinking can really dry out eyes. Take a few minutes’ break every 30 minutes to blink so your eyes remain moisturized.

4. Use artificial tears when your symptoms become noticeable. In some cases, you may even get prescription-strength artificial tears to lubricate the eyes.

5. Take omega-3 fatty acid supplements; i.e. fish oil. Studies have shown that fish oil supplements can help minimize the symptoms of dry eyes.

6. Use an air filter in your home to remove allergens and other irritants that can make dry eye worse.

Want to learn more about how you can treat your dry eye symptoms? Schedule a consultation and maintain your eye health with ophthalmologist Dr. Jacqueline Griffiths at NewView Eye Center in Reston, VA today. 703-834-9777


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