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Basic Eye Safety Tips for Women

Khrom-Blog-ImageAs a woman, you know the power of playing up your eyes with make-up.  One swipe of mascara can make you look more awake and wide-eyed.  A little eye shadow can help bring out your eye color. Eyeliner can help create a trendy and fashionable appearance.

But if you’re not properly using your make-up, it could also cause serious eye infections and injuries.

If you want to keep your eyes healthy and strong – and looking fierce! – take a look at a few of these basic eye safety tips for women:

  • Keep Your Make-Up Fresh. Eye make-up has an expiration date, so make sure you’re not using old make-up.  To keep your eyes happy, throw away any eye make-up that’s older than three months.  At this point, your eye make-up becomes more susceptible to germs, which could lead to eye infections.

 You should also throw away your eye make-up after you’ve had an eye infection.  Otherwise, you could end up re-infecting your eyes by using the same make-up.

  • Don’t Share Your Make-Up. You may have good intentions, but sharing your eye shadow with your best friend is akin to getting a one-way ticket to an eye infection.  When you share eye make-up with others, you’re essentially sharing their germs, including any infections they might have.  Keep your make-up to yourself, as that’s the best way to protect your eyes from any infections.
  • Use Your Applicators Carefully. There are dozens of eye make-up applications and wands out there, all designed to help you get the best look possible.  Be careful when using these instruments, as you don’t want to poke yourself in your eye.
  • Always Remove Your Eye Make-Up. If you’re tired, it may be tempting to crash with your mascara on; but that’s a good way to irritate and even infect your eyes.  Use a clean cotton swab and a gentle make-up remover to cleanse the eyes.  If you’re especially tired, use a make-up removing cloth, and splash water on your face when you’re done.

Keep your eyes looking healthy and beautiful.  At NewView Laser Eye in Reston, Virginia – also serving the greater Washington, DC area – Dr. Jacqueline Griffiths can help ensure your eyes are stunning and healthy for life.  Schedule your eye appointment at NewView Laser Eye in Reston today. Call 703 834 9777 today.