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How Your Birth Month Can Attribute to Your Nearsightedness

If you’re suffering from nearsightedness – otherwise known as myopia – you may not want to be so quick to blame Mom and Dad for your visual genes.  In fact, it turns out that your birth month may have more of an influence on you than you might have thought – and it has nothing to do with astrology.

New research has indicated that those individuals born in the summer months (June, July, and August) may be more likely to develop myopia than those born in the winter months (December, January, and February).  These findings suggest that the amount of light babies are exposed to could play a crucial role in how myopia is formed.  Babies born during the summer months are naturally exposed to higher levels of light, which may influence certain components of visual development.

In a study conducted by Yossi Mandel, MD and his research team, approximately 275,000 Israelis were given visual examinations to determine the severity of myopia.  The severity was documented in three stages: mild, moderate, and severe.  In the study, Dr. Mandel found that individuals suffering from moderate to severe myopia were more likely to be born in the summer months than the winter months. These findings are enough to suggest that birth month and myopia could be strongly interlinked.

Treat Your Myopia at New View Eye Center

At New View Eye Center in Reston, Virginia (also serving the Herndon, Fairfax County and Washington, DC areas), we understand how burdensome and inconvenient myopia can be.  That’s why our friendly and professional staff will work hard to present you with a range of treatment options.  From providing you with glasses and contacts to presenting corrective options like Lasik, New View Eye Center can help you see what you’ve been missing.

In addition to these treatment options, New View Eye Center can provide patients with a range of diverse services to protect and restore eye health.  Our doctors can conduct routine eye examinations and provide advanced surgeries for problems like cataracts.  New View Eye Center even offers cosmetic solutions, including Botox injections and Latisse treatments.

If you’re interested in correcting your nearsightedness with Lasik surgery, you can schedule an appointment for a consultation today by calling (703)834-9777 or filling out the form in the top left corner. At New View Eye Center in Reston, VA, we’d be happy to help restore your vision and bring clarity to your life.