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Is Blue Light Really That Bad for Your Eyes?

Growing up, you probably heard that sitting too close to the television could hurt your vision. These days, the new adage revolves around our smartphones, with many people warning that spending too much time looking at your phone could be terrible for your eyes. In fact, a number of recent studies have made alarming conclusions that the blue light emitted from electronic screens could eventually contribute to blindness.

There’s enough buzz around the topic to make us wonder: “Is blue light really that bad for your eyes?”


The Truth About Blue Light and Your Vision

 If you spend a lot of your day on your smartphone, rest easy – you’re not about to go blind.

In fact, the same researcher whose study was used to conclude that blue light could lead to blindness is attempting to redefine what his study meant in the first place. Apparently, the study only demonstrated that blue light enters the eye in the same way that sunlight does; whether or not this can lead to the weakening of the vision is entirely out of the context of this study.


How to Keep Your Eyes Healthy With Prolonged Screen Time

While there’s no real evidence that blue light can cause blindness, it is important to give your eyes a break from electronics whenever possible. Take a look at these tips for keeping your eyes healthy even with prolonged screen time:

  • Take a few minutes’ break from your screen every hour.
  • Don’t look at your smartphone or other electronic devices about an hour before you go to bed, as this can interfere with your natural sleep patterns.
  • Try to eliminate phones and screens from your bedroom altogether, as even latent light can interfere with your sleep cycle.


Take the Next Step

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