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Your Child’s Reading Problems: Could Eyesight Be to Blame?

If your child has been suffering from reading problems, you may want to rule out vision problems before you start considering learning disabilities.

When your child suffers from reading problems, you may feel confused about what to do.  Teachers may think that he has a learning disability, while other parents may tell you that he simply needs to be taught to concentrate.  There are a number of “at-home” remedies for childhood reading problems that you may have even tried yourself.  For example, many old wives’ tales recommend having a child take up a physical activity, eat a certain diet, or even take special vitamins.

However, these at-home remedies miss a key point: many reading problems can be attributed to a child’s eyesight.

How Vision Problems Affect Your Child’s Reading

Suffering from vision problems can wreak havoc on your child’s ability to read.  If your child is nearsighted, reading can be a challenge.  Your child may have to hold a book closer to his face, which may make him self-conscious in class.  This can also cause headaches, especially if your child has to switch between reading in a book and focusing on a blackboard.

If your child is farsighted, it can be extremely difficult for him to read.  Your child will have to hold a book as far away as possible, which may make him feel self-conscious within the classroom.  Similarly, it can be hard for a child to maintain this reading position without getting a headache.

Keep in mind that not all reading problems can be contributed to your child’s eyesight.  It may be possible that your child is suffering from a learning disability.  However, ruling out vision problems is an important first step in discovering what is contributing to your child’s reading difficulties.

Protect Your Child’s Eye Health at New View Eye Center

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At New View Eye Center, our doctors and staff members work hard to protect your child’s eye health.  Our eye health services can diagnose and correct any vision problems that may be keeping your child from achieving his reading potential.  You can make an appointment with us by calling (703) 834-9777 or by filling out the form in the top left corner.