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Does Cholesterol Affect Your Vision?

By now, you probably know that high levels of cholesterol can have a serious impact on your health. But did you know that signifiers of high cholesterol levels can materialize on and around your eyes?

What are Cholesterol Deposits?

Cholesterol deposits are small, flat-looking deposits that appear around the eyes, particularly on the eyelids. These lumps often appear yellowish, but they’re often confused with skin tags if they’re flesh-colored. The deposits grow slowly over time, but some may not change in size or shape at all.

While these lesions are usually harmless and won’t impact your vision – unless they grow into your line of sight – these deposits can often signify that there’s something going on with your overall health.

What Cholesterol Deposits Often Indicate

First, these lesions are definitely linked to high levels of cholesterol, so if they start to appear around your eyes, it’s important to make an appointment with your doctor. In addition to cholesterol levels, these deposits can also indicate liver and kidney problems. There’s even some research to suggest that individuals with cholesterol deposits are at higher risk for heart problems.

How are They Treated?

Cholesterol deposits can be treated; the most common treatment is through surgical excision, which can be performed by an ophthalmologist. Other treatment options include carbon dioxide laser ablation, cauterization, cryotherapy, and more.

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Take the Next Step

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