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Clear Vision, Clear Mind: The Psychological Benefits of LASIK

Could improving vision also improve mental health? Beyond its primary purpose of correcting vision, LASIK can change more than just what you see from behind the lens of your eye; it can change an individual’s perception, mood, concentration and interest in activities. Studies show a rising correlation between visual impairment and elevated levels of anxiety and depression. Clinically depressed individuals are more likely to go through periods of intense stress which can impact vision quality. Some symptoms may include blurred vision, light sensitivity, watery & strained eyes and eye floaters. Mental health disorders can strike anyone regardless of age, gender or social status and may significantly and negatively impact a person’s quality of life, hindering the pursuit of personal and professional goals.

Achieving clear vision and a clear mind is attainable with the physical and psychological benefits of LASIK. Renewed self-confidence, improved quality of life, relief from daily hassles, enhanced career opportunities and a sense of empowerment are overlooked yet rewarding side effects of undergoing laser eye surgery. If you are considering LASIK, a complimentary consultation is available to you at NewView Eye Center. It’s important to understand all aspects of what LASIK surgery can offer you. 

The correlation between vision and self-confidence cannot be denied. Poor vision can be a source of insecurity. Many people will avoid wearing glasses and cause further harm to the eyes by squinting and straining to see simply because of how they perceive how they look. Regardless of how trendy wearing glasses has become in recent years, for some people there is still a stigma around corrective eyewear. Even those who embrace the aesthetic of glasses-wearing find the daily care of cleaning, storing and delicately caring for prescription eyeglasses and contacts lenses to be a burden. LASIK surgery liberates individuals from these dependencies, allowing them to embrace their natural appearance without the hindrance of corrective eyewear. This newfound sense of freedom often translates into heightened self-esteem and confidence in social and professional settings.

From playing sports to cooking dinner, everyday activities take on a whole new perspective when you have clear, unencumbered vision. Without fogged up glasses or contact lenses that dry out, quality of life in even the most mundane of tasks is simplified. LASIK fosters a sense of freedom which contributes to overall psychological well-being. 

Watch proverbially doors open to new professional opportunities. Many career paths rely on the fundamental ability to see well. Some professions even require visual acuity tests as part of the application and hiring processes. LASIK restores vision as well as possibilities. 
If your quality of vision has been holding you back, it’s time to discuss how LASIK can be your life changing solution. With a quick recovery time and high satisfaction rate, the gift of improved eyesight can not only change your view of the world but how you feel about yourself. Confidence and clarity await you by calling NewView Eye Center at 703-834-9777 or visiting WEBSITE.