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The Most Common Signs of Vision Problems In Kids

newviewkidsThe summer is finally winding down, and your kids are back in school.  That means you’ve been spending your time making sure their homework is done, they’re getting ready for school on time, and they’re making lots of friends.

But if you’re not paying careful attention to your kid’s eye health, your little student could suddenly encounter serious academic problems.

You know your child is growing at a steady rate – and this means that their ocular health is changing as well.  In fact, your child’s vision can change so much that you may not notice sudden eye problems until a year after his or her last eye examination.

Rather than waiting for annual eye exams before identifying any problems, keep an eye out for these most common signs of vision problems in kids:

  • Slipping grades: If your A-student suddenly has a decline in grades, vision could be the root cause of the problem.  Keep track of those grades to see if there’s a sudden decline – if there is, make an eye appointment right away.  Problems with seeing the board often manifest on the report card!
  • Having a short attention span: If you have a hard time getting your child to pay attention or sit still, this could be a sign that he or she is having vision problems. If your child can’t focus on a task or assignment, he or she might have a hard time seeing it – and that’s why he or she becomes frustrated very easily.
  • Turning the head: If your child frequently turns his or head to the side in order to read, it’s likely that your child has vision problems.  Similarly, if your child hates reading, it could be an indicator that he or she is too frustrated by reading as a result of vision problems.

Your child’s vision is an important part of growing up healthy and strong – not to mention enjoying academic success.  If any of your children display the above signs, schedule an appointment with Dr. Jacqueline Griffiths at NewView Eye Center in Reston, Virginia.  Dr. Griffiths can provide your child with regular examinations that will catch any vision problems as quickly as possible.

NewView Eye Center also serves the greater Washington, DC areas.