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The New Contact Lens for People With Glaucoma


New-Contact-Lens-for-People-With-Glaucoma-NewView-Eye-Center-in-Reston-VAIf you have glaucoma, chances are you’ve been told not to wear contact lenses.  After all, contact lenses can exacerbate glaucoma symptoms, making it difficult for patients to enjoy the best vision possible.

However, there’s a new type of contact lens in town – one that promises to change the game in how glaucoma is identified and treated.

In the April edition of the journal Ophthalmology, a study out of Columbia University Medical Center demonstrated that “smart” contact lenses can be used to predict which patients may have rapidly developing versions of glaucoma.  The contact lenses showed significant promise in being able to collect electronic signals that ophthalmologists can use for better treatment.

Ophthalmologists can also use this information to determine if a medication is working, or if something new needs to be prescribed.

The contact lens works by detecting the curvature of the eye.  When the curvature changes due to fluctuating eye pressure, the contact lens sends an electronic signal to a wireless device.  During the study, participants with deep spikes in eye pressure changes were much more likely to have glaucoma that advances faster than other participants.

This study is huge in the world of ophthalmology, as over three million people within the United States alone suffer from glaucoma.  In fact, this disease is the leading cause of blindness within the country, which is why so many ophthalmologists are determined to treat the disease before it can make these devastating advances.

With the aid of this contact lens, ophthalmologists may one day be able to quickly understand how rapidly a patient’s glaucoma will advance, just by looking at a simple readout.

If you suffer from glaucoma, schedule an appointment with Dr. Jacqueline Griffiths at NewView Eye Center in Reston, Virginia.  Dr. Griffiths can provide you with treatment for your glaucoma, as well as help you understand how you can prevent your glaucoma from further advancing.

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