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Do You Need Enhancement Surgery After Your LASIK Procedure?

At NewView Eye Center in Reston, VA, Jacqueline D. Griffiths, M.D. and her team of eye doctors and specialists offer high-quality LASIK surgery procedures that have given patients the gift of clear vision.  Our LASIK doctors and technicians are highly trained and friendly, so our patients are always confident in the results of their LASIK procedures at NewView Eye Center.

However, many patients are often concerned that they’ll need to undergo “enhancement surgery” after their LASIK procedure is performed.  They worry that the cost of these enhancement surgeries will be too high, or that they won’t be able to keep up with these needs.

If these concerns mirror your own, it’s time to discover the truth behind enhancement surgery after your LASIK procedure.

What is Enhancement Surgery?

Enhancement surgery is referred to a procedure that LASIK surgeons perform when the patient experiences degraded or reduced vision after the primary LASIK surgery.  Small vision errors that are corrected are commonly referred to as “boutique enhancements”, these surgeries are often advertised as helping patients “tweak” the results that they’ve achieved from primary LASIK surgery.

In general, only seven to fifteen percent of LASIK surgery patients truly need enhancement surgery.  Often, reduced vision is a result of the changing clarity and flexibility of the natural crystalline lens within the patient’s eye.  As we age, the lenses clarity and flexibility within our eyes shift, resulting in hazy and blurred vision.  It’s a natural part of aging that can reduce the vision of anyone, even a patient who has not undergone a LASIK procedure in the past.

So what does all of this mean for patients who’ve already undergone LASIK surgery?  Dr. Griffiths insists that additional laser surgery may not just be unnecessary – it could even be dangerous.  This is because the calculation of power for an IOL Implant after cataract surgery gets more complicated after having LASIK surgery.  This complication increases with every enhancement, meaning more enhancement surgeries may end up producing less-than-stellar results when you are ready for cataract surgery.

As an alternative solution, you may want to consider wearing light prescription eyeglasses until your eyes are ready for IOL Implants.

Exceptional LASIK Results at NewView Eye Center

At NewView Eye Center in Reston, VA, located in the Washington DC metro, near the Dulles Airport in Fairfax County, Dr. Griffiths and her team can offer high-quality LASIK results.  To learn more or to schedule your free LASIK consultation, simply leave us a note in the top left corner or call 703-834-9777.