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Can LASIK Be Customized For My Lifestyle?

LASIK surgery has the ability to change a person’s life – especially if that person has always had to rely on glasses and contact lenses to enjoy their full field of vision. LASIK surgery is a ten-minute procedure that reshapes the cornea so that it is able to correctly focus light rays to the back of the eye.


But did you know that your LASIK procedure can be customized to fit your lifestyle?


For example, if you play sports and you want to enhance your long-distance vision, your LASIK surgery procedure will focus on reshaping the cornea in such a way to achieve this vision. As another example, if you love reading, your LASIK surgery can be done in such a way where you’ll enjoy superior near vision, as well as good distance vision (this is commonly referred to as “blended vision”).

Since your LASIK surgery can be customized to fit your particular lifestyle, it’s important to talk to your LASIK technician about the results you’d like to see from your procedure. While the standard procedure can produce excellent results, it’s worth mentioning if your lifestyle could benefit from a particular type of vision. Athletes may want to emphasize powerful long-distance vision, which means that you can practically see the threads on a baseball when it’s coming your way.


Before speaking with your LASIK technician about the type of vision you want, be sure that it accurately reflects your lifestyle. For example, a professional athlete may benefit from vision that emphasizes longer distance, but if you play on a recreational league during the summer seasons, you may be just as happy with the standard procedure.


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