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What You Need to Know About The Link Between Tattoos and Uveitis

Link-Between-Tattoos-and-UveitisThinking of treating yourself to a brand-new tattoo?

Before you get new ink, you may want to consider a surprising new link between tattoos and uveitis, an eye condition that causes inflammation in the middle layer of the eye.  This layer – which is located between the white of the eye and the retina – can cause significant irritation and damage, as it’s connecting the iris and blood vessels to critical parts of the eyes.

In some severe cases, uveitis can even cause vision loss and permanent blindness.  It’s thought that uveitis is caused by viruses, funguses, and infections in other parts of the body.  In some rare instances, the causes of uveitis are unknown.

What’s the Link Between Tattoos and Uveitis?

Previously, it’s been thought that there have only been eight cases of uveitis due to tattoos.  However, researchers at the Wilmer Eye Institute observed seven cases within the span of two years, suggesting that there’s an important link between tattoos and uveitis.

In each of these seven cases, patients received black-ink tattoos, which became infected; symptoms of this infection include hard and raised skin.  Uveitis symptoms occurred at the same time, leading researchers to believe that there’s a strong link between black-ink tattoos and uveitis.

While researchers are still trying to determine why black-ink tattoos are more likely to lead to uveitis than colored tattoos, it’s important for people to be aware of this connection.  If you experience hard and raised skin symptoms on your tattoo, schedule an appointment with an ophthalmologist to check for symptoms of uveitis.

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