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How Long Does It Take to Perform LASIK Eye Surgery?

If you’ve been considering undergoing LASIK eye surgery, you probably have plenty of questions. How much does LASIK eye surgery cost? When can you expect to see 20/20 vision after your procedure is done? What’s the recovery like?

 And perhaps the most popular question of all: How long does it take to perform LASIK eye surgery?

 It’s not surprising why so many people ask this question. Most of us have pretty jam-packed schedules, which means finding the time to fit in the procedure might feel like a stretch. Will you need to clear out your entire day to undergo the procedure? Will you need to take a vacation day? Or can you get the procedure done in the time it takes for you to finish lunch?

 As it turns out, LASIK eye surgery is pretty straightforward and quick – in fact, many patients are surprised to learn that the procedure itself takes about a minute per eye to perform. In total, LASIK eye surgery takes about 15 minutes; most of this time is spent preparing you for the procedure, adjusting the laser, and ensuring your comfort.


 While the procedure itself is fast, you’ll need to devote a little more than 15 minutes to your recovery process. You’ll need someone to drive you home after the surgery since your eyes will experience a mild itching sensation and considerable tearing that usually goes away after a few hours. These symptoms are normal and temporary. Patients should remember not to rub their eyes after LASIK surgery.


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