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How to Protect Children’s Eyes at Christmas

Christmas is all about giving – and if you have children, you love giving them the kind of gifts that will absolutely make their season.


That’s why we want to make sure parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles everywhere are equipped with the tips they need to ensure they’re protecting children’s eyesight during the most wonderful time of the year!


1. Choose your toys carefully.


Make sure you’re not purchasing toys with projectile parts or anything else that could come off and poke a child in the eye. What’s more, make sure toys don’t have sharp parts that could accidentally cause damage.


2. Check the toy’s age.


It’s tempting to buy the coolest toy on the shelves even if your kids aren’t old enough for them, but those age ranges are there for a reason. Buy age-appropriate toys and double-check that they’re safe for use.


3. Buy protective eyewear.


If you’re buying your child sports equipment, add in protective eyewear with the gift. That way, you can ensure that your kid’s eyes are protected from flying objects.


4. Make an appointment right away.


If your child ends up getting injured from a toy during the holidays – or any time of the year – make an appointment with your ophthalmologist right away. An ophthalmologist can check your child’s eyes and develop a personalized treatment to ensure that he or she continues to enjoy healthy and growing vision.


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