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How to Safely Combat Dry Eye

How-to-Safely-Combat-Dry-Eye-NewView-Eye-Center-in-Reston-Virginia-Dr-Jacqueline-GriffithsIt seems as though dry eye happens at the worst possible times.  You might be working intently on a project at the office, or driving home during rush hour.  Yet when the gritty, irritated sensations associated with dry eye strike, there’s only one thing you can focus on… Getting relief as quickly as possible.

While eye drops may provide temporary relief, you’re going to need a little more help to alleviate the irritating symptoms of chronic dry eyeTake a look at some of the methods you can use right now to get immediate dry eye relief:

  1. Start Blinking. Seems like a simple solution – but when your eyes start feeling as though they’re burning, you need to rapidly produce tears as quickly as possible. Your tears act as natural lubrication for the eye, which means they can go a long way toward reducing the symptoms of dry eye. Remind yourself to blink when working on a computer, as studies have shown you blink less when staring at a screen. Take a 30-second break every 30 minutes to keep your eyes moisturized and happy.
  1. Optimize Your Diet. If you want to fight dry eye from the inside, try adding more fish and nuts to your dinner plate. Your tears contain lubricating oils that are similar to omega-3s and omega-6s; therefore, the more you add to your plate, the more moisture you’ll produce in your eyes.  If you’re allergic, add an omega-rich supplement to your morning routine.
  1. Buy a Humidifier. Your eyes can dry out during the evening, especially if you have heat or cool air blasting through your bedroom. During summer and winter seasons, keep a humidifier running in your room.  Keeping moisture in the area can help you keep dry eye symptoms at bay.
  1. Watch That Wind. Dry eye symptoms can be exacerbated by wind, whether it’s the wind from the outdoors or wind created by something as simple as a hair dryer. Minimize your exposure to these blustery situations to ensure dry eye symptoms don’t ruin your day.

If you’re still suffering from dry eye symptoms, schedule an appointment with your ophthalmologist right away.  At NewView Eye Center in Reston, Virginia, Dr. Jacqueline Griffiths can diagnose, treat, and minimize irritating symptoms associated with dry eye.  NewView Eye Center also serves the greater Washington, DC areas. Call  (703) 834-9777 to learn more today!