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What Are the Signs of Cataracts?

Did you know that the natural lens within your eye improves your ability to see? That’s right – the natural lens filters light that passes through the retina, which helps you correctly interpret colors and shapes. A healthy lens should be crystal-clear, which allows as much light as possible to pass through.

If the lens ends up getting cloudy, this can prevent an individual from enjoying their full eyesight. This cloudiness is known as a cataract – and if left untreated, cataracts can end up permanently robbing a person of their vision. Cataracts can happen for any number of reasons, although they most commonly occur as a result of genetics and/or the aging process. As we get older, the proteins within the lens start to break down, causing considerable cloudiness and vision-blocking buildup.

With that in mind, how do you know if you’re suffering from this eye condition?

Let’s take a look at a few of the signs of cataracts:

  • You’re experiencing blurry vision
  • You keep seeing double
  • You’re sensitive to light, especially at night
  • You have trouble seeing at night, and car headlights are especially troublesome for you
  • Bright colors look muted or have a yellowish tinge to them

If you have any or all of the above symptoms, it’s important to schedule an appointment with an ophthalmologist right away. An ophthalmologist can diagnose and treat cataracts, so you can continue to enjoy your best vision.

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