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Top Foods to Eat For Healthy Eyes

diet for healthy eyesYour mother always told you that you are what you eat – but did you know that your vision is influenced by your diet?  That’s right: your diet can have a very perceptible influence on your ocular health, which is ultimately responsible for keeping your vision sharp throughout your life.  No matter what your age might be, there are certain eating habits that you should maintain in order to keep your eyes healthy well into your Golden Years.

With that in mind, let’s break down what nutrients you should fill your plate with at every stage of your life:

  • Children:  If you have children, it’s important to ensure that they get as much nutrition as possible.  This is because your child’s eyes are developing by leaps and bounds – and if your child doesn’t get the right nutrition he or she needs, this could lead to increased risks for poor vision and other ocular difficulties.  Foods drink in vitamins C and D are crucial at this stage, so make sure your child eats plenty of fruit and drinks low-fat milk.  You should also make sure that your child has plenty of dark leafy greens on his or her plate.
  • Adults:  Now that you’re an adult, your eyes might not be changing as much as during your formative years – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat your eyes right.  At this point, you’ll want to ensure that you don’t increase your risks for AMD and diabetes, both of which could lead to blindness in severe cases.  Citrus fruits, vegetable oils (especially olive oil), cold water fish, and whole grains are critical for keeping your eyes healthy and strong.

If you already have AMD or diabetes, you may want to follow a low-GI diet, which has been shown to cut down on the severity of these diseases.  If you have AMD, you may want to ask your ophthalmologist for a special nutrient supplement, which includes a potent mix of vitamins C and E, zinc oxide, copper oxide, and other nutrients.

If you want your eyes to remain healthy, it’s important to have regular exams with your ophthalmologist.  Schedule an appointment with Dr. Jacqueline Griffiths at NewView Eye Center in Reston, VA (also serving the greater Washington, DC area) today. Just leave us your info in the top left corner or call 703-834-9777.