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Will Post Cataract Surgery Be Painful and Require Further Treatment?

While every surgical recovery differs, most patients do not feel any discomfort or pain post cataract surgery. However, minimal swelling and redness after surgery is normal. Although many patients have concerns if post cataract surgery will be painful and require further treatment, it is often the do’s and don’ts of the necessary rest required after surgery that prove to be more challenging. Also, it is rare for patients to require any further treatment once the natural lens has been replaced with an artificial one.

Once you have completed cataract surgery, you will be well on your way to a more fulfilled lifestyle where you can resume your normal daily activities with better visual clarity. Gone will be the days of blurred vision but not before you fully heal, as the cornea may be inflamed temporarily resulting in wavy, hazy, or distorted vision after surgery but will improve. The surgeon makes a small incision on the surface of the eye during cataract surgery and some patients report that the surgical area feels like an eyelash or foreign material is in the eye. This can cause some irritation. Recovery from cataract surgery is relatively quick compared to other ocular procedures with most patients resuming activities and returning to work within just a few days. Patients should avoid driving, strenuous activities, and avoid environmental factors such as wind, pollen, and higher levels of dust and dirt. Patients should not wear eye makeup and avoid using face cream or lotion to avoid irritation. Patients should not rub their eyes but can use eye drops to prevent dry eyes and prevent infection. Your surgeon will provide you with a protective shield for the eye that should be worn while sleeping for at least the first week after surgery.

The eyes require some time to adjust to the new intraocular lens before you have clear vision. Most patients will see significantly better within the first 24 hours of surgery. Overall cataract surgery is not painful and will not require further treatment. For more information about cataract surgery, visit our website at WEBSITE. For an appointment with NewView Eye Center to check the health of your eyes, call 703-834-9777.