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Are Reading Glasses a Thing of the Past?

Reading glasses are often synonymous with getting older, as it becomes more difficult to see the smaller print of a book, magazine, or even a smartphone.  However, those days of using reading glasses might be at an end, thanks to a new technological innovation.

As we start to enter our golden years, the eye lens begins to stiffen, which makes it difficult for eye muscles to focus on objects that are held closer to the face.  This condition is known presbyopia, and it’s a common eye condition – in fact, a 2014 study by the American Academy of Ophthalmology estimated that 1 in 5 Americans wear reading glasses as a result of this lens-thickening.

If you’re sick of using reading glasses, there’s good news on the horizon – you can enjoy reading without glasses, thanks to the KAMRA inlay treatment.  The technology – which has been decades in the making – could provide serious relief to Americans who want to free themselves from reading glasses.

The procedure itself is relatively simple – an ophthalmologist makes a few slits into the cornea, and places the KAMRA inlay into the slits.  The KAMRA inlay is capable of letting you see things that are up close (like a book) while maintaining your eyesight while looking in the distance.  It’s estimated that the surgery will take as little as ten to fifteen minutes.

What’s more, the KAMRA inlay can be removed at a future date, which is a much more flexible option than laser correction.

The KAMRA procedure has been shown to come with a few side effects, including dry eye, reduced night vision, and haziness.  While these side effects aren’t an anomaly for an eye surgery, it’s still important for you and your ophthalmologist to carefully consider the benefits of this eye surgery, and whether or not these benefits outweigh any risks.

Whether you’re interested in undergoing the KAMRA procedure or want to get new reading glasses – or just have an eye checkup! – schedule a consultation with Dr. Jacqueline Griffiths at NewView Laser Eye in Reston, VA (also serving the greater Washington, DC area).